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I-wish-I-had-a-riverI wish I could go to Australia.

I want to see Madonna perform live.

I wish I had a house by the beach.

I wish I could Walk on the Moon.

Everyone has wishes – dreams to fulfill. The problem is we’ve got so many dreams and just a few pounds… We’ve got all the time in the world right now, we’re full of hopes and desires but that’s not enough to get us what we want.

We end up working 10 more years in order to afford that great holiday. And when we finally reach that point we realize that we grew out of it. Suddenly we don’t like traveling adventures anymore, or planes for that matter. Only the thought of packing makes us sick. And who the hell listens to Madonna anymore? Clearly not the 40 year-old me who at that time will probably watch the singer’s funeral on TV. And going on the Moon? I never wanted  that… Did I?

So we work hard half of our lives just so we can afford something that we won’t like when we’re older… Dreams are meant to motivate us, get us through the working week/month/year. But in the end we just lie to our naive selves. We need things done NOW! Not in 20 years when we’ll have a family of our own and will be too busy teaching our kids how to ride a bike, or when we’ll be attending 50 business meeting per week. People change or at least their habits. We’ll forget about our dreams that got us out of bed every morning. And it’s not our fault, the world we live in doesn’t have time for “silly” things like that. ‘Be part of the working class, and contribute to the economy of your country, get married and have kids who you’ll raise to dream big, of becoming astronauts and singers- kids as innocent as you who believed that they’ll follow through their wishes.

Solutions? Play the lottery and hope for a miracle, buy a plane ticket and enjoy your life. But it doesn’t work like that… In the meantime, you have to realize that life is twisted and short – why waste it? Smile a lot, stress less because nothing matters as much as you think it does. Dream small but make it happen, for the present you 🙂


Have a nice weekend!