Here I am, after 20 days of working for Seven…

I feel a bit sad, as it’s over, but also content that I had the opportunity to work with great people, from whom I’ve learned a lot.

I’ll miss waking up in the morning just to see the main room of the club waiting for us to start working. I’ll miss Rob’s loud laughs, Johnny’s perfect hair no matter how bad it rains outside, Sam’s organised ‘To do’ list, John’s funny hand dance, and Kev’s big smile. I probably sound cheesy, and you’ll make fun of me, but I did end up having a great time here, and I’m glad I had the chance to work with these amazing people.

How the day go:

I’ve spent my day talking to the guys about our previous events, our fun and stressful days, about how I managed to make them laugh so many times, and how I annoyed Sam a few days ago, when I dropped a penny on his head..

I felt like I was part of something big, something important, I felt like I made a contribution, even if there were times when I felt like they my ideas weren’t considered good enough.

I’ve learned that there is no ‘I’ in ‘US’, and that I need to think of the whole club not only myself. I’ve learned that I need to accept the fact that sometimes my ideas aren’t as good as I thought, and that rejection is an option. I’ve been working with a team of people who know how to run a business, and who know that everything needs to be in order, fact that influenced me a lot, without even realising it. I’m more organised, and more careful with details. I’ve also learned that making mistakes is human, and that admitting and starting again is acceptable.

I feel more confident in my ideas, and in what I can achieve if I put my mind to it. I’ve met a lot of new interested people, not only while flyering or in shops, but people who work with Seven. I like to call them ‘the ones who live undercover’. You never see them, but you know that they have a big impact on how things function, and how the club runs as a business.

Kev is the owner of Seven. He’s the man who keeps everything together. A great example of how, by doing things by the book helps you achieve popularity, gets your team to look up to you, and keeps your business in the top.

Sam is one of those people you need to meet at least once, and have a chat. He’s great at motivating everyone around him, he’s really organised and know exactly what he wants to achieve. He’s helped me a lot, and advised me when it came to making decisions.

I will keep in touch with everyone, as I’ll still be administrating the ‘Free Queue jump for Students @Seven’ Facebook page, and I’m looking forward to their next events.

I know now, that after taking both a traditional placement at Seven, and and doing Freelancing, I can work in a team, as efficient as I would, on my own. Big plans ahead, and bright thoughts.

Have a great day!

Roxi Albescu