Friday night was WILD!

From great music, amazing vibes and filming, to working at the front desk as a cashier, and interviewing Bondax, the DJs that made everyone go WOW!

Take a look at a demo from footage I filmed on Friday, with Bondax getting the audience to dance like there’s no tomorrow:

Today I’ve also been analyzing some of the factors that lead to a successful night:

– Preparation preparation preparation: You can’t leave gaps, or ANYTHING for that matter, that might interfere with your event

– Plan everything ahead: You can’t expect things to go according to your plans if you don’t have any plans!

– Team work!!! I can’t stress this enough: Team work is the base! Everyone is helping everyone, and planning together makes things easier for everyone, saving time (+Brainstorming for finding better ideas). I couldn’t have done half of the things I did, without my team’s help, and I am aware that I am grateful for the things I’ve learned through them.

Today I’ve also edited the video footage from Friday, and send it to the person who is in charge of the ‘visual’ side of Seven.

Roxi Albescu