14 days of preparations. Laughs. Emotions. Planning. Stress. Meetings. Flyering.

We’ve been through everything for tonight!

What I’ve been helping Sam with today:

– Check how many tickets have been sold in shops

– Arrange the club for the last time

– Double check with the DJs coming (Bondax), to see if there are any problems

– Book hotel, buss/train tickets

– Make sure there are no delays of any sort !!!

– Check music + lighting

What I’ve been doing on my own:

– Check again who is attending the event, and see if I can get anyone else

– Flyer for the last time for this event

– Check if the posters are still on display in the shops, if not I had to put them up again

– Front desk work again -later that night (involved helping with the clothing room + cashier)

I love the fact that Sam got me involved again, in their ‘big plans’, and that I got to see how everything is done, and how they get ready for their events.

Sam getting things sorted:

I’m really excited for tonight, hopefully everything will go according to the plan! I will be also filming the event for Seven, so stay tuned for a pick at what I’d like to call a legendary night.

Roxi Albescu