Two more days till the big night, and everyone seems to be hype!!!

The team are getting everything ready, and I can feel the tension in the air.

The club is packed with posters, the bar is shining, and I can hear Bondax’s tracks playing in the background while we’re doing work. Not bad, not bad at all.  Today I felt a bit like in primary school.. Guess why (Tip: see photo bellow):

Today I’ve been talking to the loyal Seven clients – the people who come here every week to have fun-, but also with other people whom I want to attract into coming to our nighclub (Students).

Based on my Facebook event page for ‘Boots & Cats present Bondax’, the one with the Free Queue Jump, I’ve contacted the people who selected ‘Attending‘. Why? Simple. I wanted to make sure they will be coming, reassure them that they are on the List, and thank them for the support.

I’ve also contacted the people who selected ‘Maybe‘ as an option, trying to persuade them to attend, by explaining the event in more details, and underlining the good music they’ll be listening to, offering them links to the tracks. I’ve also mentioned the drink offers we have that night.

The last group of people I’ve approached are the ones who ‘Declined‘ the invite. I wanted to ask them myself if there is any chance of them coming, if they’re interested in any of our offers, and didn’t forget that the DJs coming on Friday are amazing. Managed to convince some people, while the rest kept their decision, but liked the idea of coming next time, if I offer them free Queues Jump again.

And this is how my day went, busy busy busy! But I feel satisfied, and glad that I’ve accomplished what I wanted:)

Roxi Albescu