Friday night/Saturday morning I’ve been doing more complex work, than I usually do. The responsibilities were bigger!

I’ve been working ‘in front’, as Sam likes to call the club’s front desk, helping him with the customers who came to the ‘Lets Push Things Forward’ event, managing the money and arranging clothes, in the clothe room.

Firstly, as ‘Lets Push Things Forward’ is one of their famous weekly events, Sam wanted me to have an insight of the work they’re doing, by being directly involved. I’ve been helping him with small things such as putting clothes in the clothe room, but also he’s given me more responsibilities, of which the most important was to work as a cashier.

I had the chance not only to prove myself as being responsible, but trustworthy as well. Besides, I worked with the costumers directly, so I could study them and how they behave, which I’m sure will be very useful in the future.

Secondly, I also want to discuss the image of the club, and how every member of the team had an important role in maintaining that image. Everyone was dressed classy, and was smiling! It is essential for the clients to feel welcome when they step into the club, and get a good impression. Because we promote the events, WE promote the club, and the way we dress tells something about it.

Finally, I want to say that I’m happy I had the chance to work with everyone on a closer level, and that they’ve trusted me enough to give me more responsibilities. I’m hoping that this will show them that I can manage any situation, and that I can adapt easily.

Roxi Albescu