Hello there,

As you know I am promoting the ‘Boots & Cats present Bondax’ event, in club Seven, and I’ve tried in the past couple of days to get it across to students.

On Wednesday, Sam, the promotions manager, showed me the new flyers for the event, which had another design, which was not mine (it was created by the club’s graphic designer). I have to admit I was surprised, as I wasn’t expecting a new one, considering the fact that I’ve been working on one for 2 days… He told me that they’ve agreed on that one, but that I can still use mine on Facebook, and I can print some if I want. Wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but I have to admit that the new poster looks really good, so I complied.

This is the new poster: 

Then I’ve been asked if I would like to go outside and advertise the event, by handing out flyers. So, basically this is what I’ve been doing for the past 2 days. This had its positive and negative sides.

First of all, it was a positive experience because I got to meet Seven’s target audience face to face, and interact with them. I’ve also made a few friends who seemed interested in the idea of getting a Free Queue Jump for the event.

Second of all, what I didn’t like about it was the fact that I had to walk around town for hours, regardless of the weather conditions. I did enjoy meeting new people, as I said before, but I’ve been ignored half of the time, because some persons don’t like taking flyers.

All in all, these 2 days have been both exciting and intriguing, and I’ve had the chance to get ‘into the wild’.

Roxi Albescu