Advertise the ‘Boots & Cats’ event on Facebook to STUDENTS!

My ‘mission’ was to attract more students to join the event, by promoting it online, through social media platforms, such as Facebook!

What I though of doing:

I want to attract more students into coming to Seven, especially on the night of 20th of April, for ‘Boots & Cats present Bondax’. Everyone knows that most students don’t have a lot of money to spend in clubs, and that they are looking for bargains where ever they can find one, so I’ve come up with a great idea:     Create an event on Facebook, for the Bondax night, which will offer the Queue Jump facility to students and the same price for the entrance all night long. The offer will appeal to them, and hopefully they will get involved.

I’ve invited over 400 people to attend the event, and posted the link on 4 different pages created for Freshers and Second and Third year students.

My boss and my colleagues were thrilled with the idea, and considering the amount of messages I’ve received in 2 hours, I would say my plan worked:)

What went wrong: The main problem that I had and will be having till the 20th of April, even later, is that it’s Easter Break and most students are home, making my task difficult, considering the fact that I need to bring as many as possible.

What I’ve learned: Online advertising is extremely important when it comes to attracting a younger audience, as they are more likely to be using Facebook. Another thing that was vital in my decision to create this event page, was the fact that I knew my audience (students), I knew how much they usually spend on a night out, by conducting personal research (~£20), and how do they find out about the events happening in Coventry (Facebook, flyers).

Roxi Albescu