Warm weather, smiles at work, and finished poster!

Yes, you’ve ‘heard’ me, I’ve finished the poster, and I’m really satisfied with the final result! I’ve spent a couple of hours today working on it. I did change it twice, as not everyone liked it, but the final result is what matters.

Check the final result:

What I did wrong: Because I’ve put a lot of effort in finishing the poster in time, I was really happy with my initial idea and sketches, and I was living under the impression that everyone (my team), will like it as much as I do. Wrong! I’ve neglected the option of rejection, and that costed me precious time.

What I’ve learned:  Working in the Advertising & Media field requires having an open mind, and be ready for unexpected changes. You need to handle quite easily new situations, and adapt fast in order to save time and money. I’ve made more than one variations of the same poster, to give the members of Seven a choice, getting everyone involved, and worked with an extreme deadline to get the poster ‘out there’ as soon as possible.