Today was an interesting and satisfying day, as I made progress with my poster and had to pitch the sketch to my team.

When it comes to pitching, my problem is that I get nervous and I start rambling about unimportant things, instead of focusing on the main idea, which made my presentation look a bit unprofessional, and made me look doubtful on what I’ve got. I manage to pull myself together and carry on.

The rough sketch of the poster has half of the original photo of the cat on the top, and the other half of the cat’s faced was drawn in Adobe Illustrator. I’ve created a pair of speakers and positioned them as it’s bow tie, to emphasize on the poster as promoting a music event. I’ve wanted to show how the cat has class – people who join the event are classy, and as the cat.

At the end of the short presentation, I’ve listen to their opinions and received valuable feedback. The idea and technique was great, but they want me to replace to speakers, as they think they doesn’t look that good in that combination. I’ve suggested using an actual bow tie, and they seemed content, so I’ll give it a try, and play with the colours as well, as they want the poster to look classy but still approachable.

Learning outcomes: I’ve learned that I need to have a backup plan,  in case the guys don’t find my ideas interesting, and that I must be opened to suggestions, and willing to make improvements, based on the feedback received, because in the end, we’re all ‘fighting’ for the same cause, and everyone wants to be happy with the final product, both ‘seller’ and ‘costumers’.

Have a nice day! 🙂

Roxi Albescu