Sunny day, brand new start!

On my second day of placement, the person who is in charge of organising the events in Se7ven, and with who I’ll be working closely in the next 18 days, Sam Stockmans, showed me their previous events, posters and explained to me who their target audience is, and how some of their targeting strategies.

Then he showed me one of their posters for ‘Let’s push things forward’ and challenged me to come up with ideas to help them improve it:

Previous poster: 

When I first saw it, I liked the idea of the big cropped lips and eyes, that actually made a statement, underlining the name of the event ‘Let’s push things forward’, as in ‘Let’s make it bigger’, let’s speak our minds, and make the night last for ever.  The colours used for the background were bright, neon, screaming ENERGY! The initial idea was clever, and the poster clearly turned heads.

After analyzing the details on the poster, and after trying to understand what the designer wanted to achieve by using certain elements, I wrote down a few of my ideas that might fit the club’s style and emailed them to the people I am working with, and the graphic designer, who normally does the posters and flyers for Seven.

My thoughts were that the poster had a lot of life in it, the way it was, but maybe they could polish it, to connect it to the club, who’s style is sophisticated and interesting. The background could still have a vibrant colour, to catch the eye of the audience, but keep it simple.

We’ve discussed more about it, I’ve heard their plan (as they’ve been thinking about improving the ‘Let’s push things forward’ poster for a while, and they’ve listen to what I had to add, and in the end, the graphic designer was the man of the day, and put everything together:

At the end of the day I realized that only by working together, brainstorming, and by planing ahead, a great team can come up with great ideas. As for me, I’ve learned that coming up with an idea isn’t enough, that I need to figure out how to apply it, that I need to listen to what everyone thinks, and that team work skills are essentials when working within an organisation.

Roxi Albescu