My first day of placement within Club Seven.

Hello everyone!

Today was my first day of work experience with Seven, and my head is full of information, emotions, and thoughts, and the butterflies I’m feeling are the ‘proof’ that I enjoyed it to the fullest.

After meeting the team that I will be working with, in the following couple of weeks, I have been introduced to the brand. Can’t express my enthusiasm! It was my first contact with a real company and it was an extraordinary chance to see how it functions.

Everything is well organised, and every single member has its decisive role, that is significant to how the brand looks in the end, to how everything goes according to the plan, and how the club succeeds in the field.

The manager of the Nightclub showed me how everything goes together. I’ve been shown how they run the business, both first person and online. From flyers and posters to Facebook, Twitter and other online means of advertising.

Team work and planning are the words that best describe Se7en Nighclub as a business. Every event has tens of links connected to it, that need to be taken care of, for the final ‘product’ to reach the expectations.

All in all, I had an exciting day, which symbolizes a fresh new start – the beginning of a whole new learning experience. Tomorrow I’ll be going more into ‘the real thing’.  So I’ll keep you posted!

Take care,

Roxi Albescu