From Photography to Graphic Design… Some would say it’s a long distance to ‘walk’, but I think it only takes a bit of practice, and passion.

One of my hobbies is drawing, and from using paper, to working on a computer was just a step. I’ve been studying Adobe Illustrator as part of my add+vantage module, and I realized I’m enjoying the whole experience of playing with shapes, creating new layers, having the freedom to manipulate the ‘product’ more than I could have with a pencil or pen.

How I ended up doing freelancing work as a Graphic Designer?

I’ve made a few logos for my course before, related to Advertising, and I knew how important a logo is for any brand. For example I’ve made the following logos for different fictive companies, as part of my course:

Eternal Books Publisher:

Young Insure Online (Insurance Website):

As you’ve probably read in one of my previous posts ‘Freelancing: Photography’, I’ve been taking photos for numerous artists. That is how I got to make logos for other people.

I took photos for ‘Two Face Saga‘, two Coventry DJs, and while I was editing them, I’ve noticed that I can’t put on them any watermark (their logo), as they didn’t have one.

What I did next, was to suggest them to let me make them one, as every established band/DJ/artist etc, has their own sign, by which people recognize him. They agreed, and this is what I ended up making:

Why the ‘V for Vendetta’ mask? The two DJs wear the masks when they are on stage, and thought it would be a great idea. Each mask contains another face, seen from the side, if you look carefully, so it’s supposed to be a mind game.

Another logo I’ve made, was for a Dark Dubstep Project, initiated by a new DJ. He wanted to have the name of the project ‘Format‘ as the actual logo.

Moving to one of my finest logos, I would say, made for Alex Lupu, a tattoo artist, painter, and product designer:

I’ve combined a fountain pen with a brush, uniting them under an ink bottle. Why? He does most of his drawings in pen, he uses the brush for paining, and as a tattoo artist he’s ‘playing’ with ink.

By looking at the logos above, one can observe the different styles adopted. What I want to underline is the fact that I can work on my own, creating a great logo, and not only, or within someone else’s requirements.

Please note: All of the work above belongs to Roxana Albescu and it may not be used by anyone else. Thank you:)

Roxi Albescu