What do you do when, after 4 miserable attempts to find a proper job, the 5th one you have, not only is unsatisfactory but makes you feel useless? How do you cope with 4 failed relationships and a current boyfriend that doesn’t understand you? How do you fight social rejection? YOU DON’T! At least that’s what Sawako (Hikari Mitsushima) thought.

‘Sawako decides’, directed by Yuya Ishii, is a light comedy mixed with drama, that illustrates the life of a young woman, who leaves life to follow it’s course, without ever wondering if maybe she can do anything to change it. Her motto is ‘I can’t be helped’. She doesn’t have much self esteem or confidence, and her pessimism is dragging her down.

When she finds out that her father is sick, her boyfriend, Kenichi (Masashi Endo), is the one that convinces her to return home, in Tokyo, and take him and his daughter Kayoko (Kira Aihara) as well, and run the family clam-packaging business. The jokes that she takes, the misery of an unhappy life, the feeling of being ‘below average’, are taking Sawako down.

The film is full of hidden lessons, it only takes a bit of patience to  understand them. Never complaining about anything, taking life as it is, not moving a finger to make it better, is the wrong thing to do, and as you may see from Sawako’s story, all those things will eventually turn against you, and not only will life be hard and unfair, but it will destroy any dream you may have. 

As a conclusion, ‘Sawako decides’ will test your nerves, it will make you laugh and sad in the same time, and the absurdity of the characters’ reactions will, most of the times, make no sense.