How many of you haven’t heard of the biggest drum ‘n’ bass event, hosted in Coventry, for a few years? If you haven’t… this is your last chance to take part of it, as this city is going to close its gates on the one thing that really made it stand out in the music domain.

The Kasbah Nightclub hosted every Gamma Funkula since 2008, and it was always up to the expectations of the audience. The sound was excellent, the lights were just perfect, and the people were ready to explode on great tracks, away from the daily stress. In there, we are all the same, our ears love the same d’n’b tunes, and our mouths sing the same lyrics. We scream ‘freedom’ through every pore. How can they take that away from us? 

The first Gamma Funkula I’ve attended, ‘For A Few Dollars More’, was on the 24th of April 2011, a bit late, but totally worth it. Excellent music, amazing people and an atmosphere that kept me dancing until 6 in the morning.

Gamma Funkula ‘For A Few Dollars More’ was outstanding, organised, and I’m sure everyone considered it to be worth every penny. The artists we’re split in 2 rooms, Friction, London Elektricity, Camo & Krooked and Original Sin played in the big room, accompanied by the MCs. Everything went according to the program; no late performances, or anything that could have ruined the course of the events. 

To conclude this idea, I would like to add that it was a life-time opportunity for me to be there, and I would advice everyone to go, as it’s in Coventry, it’s cheap, and fills you up with energy to last a month.  

On the 29th of May 2011, yes, next week, the last of its kind Gamma Funkula is ready to blow our minds and offer us a night we will never forget, with exciting artists, such as Danny Byrd, Congo Natty, Dj Marky and, my favorite, Black Sun Empire.


All in all, if you like drum ‘n’ bass, or you just enjoy good music and parties, then this is your last chance to go to a Gamma! Come and celebrate the rise of Gamma Funkula, and support the local music scene, for the last time.  The event will last from 7pm until 9am, so be prepared! 


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