You lost everything you had. The man you love dies. Your 3-year-old daughter, an innocent soul, is killed by your pupils. Your last resort? Revenge.

‘Confessions’ is a Japanese drama, written and directed by Tetsuya Nakashima, that tells the story of a mother, a junior high teacher, who seeks revenge after her only child was killed by two of her students. The film is the adaptation of  Kanae Minato’s novel, “Kokuhaku”, that has been Japan’s number one best-seller for the past year.

The film begins with Yuko Moriguchi (Takako Matsu), a teacher who, before resigning, announces in front of the whole class that her daughter, Manarmi (Mana Ashida) was murdered and that the ones who did it, are in that room. She admits injecting the murderers’ milk bottles with blood infected with HIV, from her husband. From there on, a series of events are triggered. Fright, desperation, insanity are only a few of the states the characters go through during the film.

The beginning is just an introduction to the story. It prepares you, giving you more details on the characters, on their live, and slowly, it drags you into the action. From there on you have two choices: Will you backup Yuko Moriguchi in her attempt to revenge her daughter’s death, or, you’ll defend the young students who murdered her.

A captivating, breath-taking and intriguing movie, filmed as a first person confession of  each character involved in the murder. I consider it to be one of the best 2010 movies of its kind, a real masterpiece, with an interesting plot, full of deep emotional scenes, and with twisted characters that will confuse even the smartest viewer. It will keep you hooked on, until the very ending.

What? Are you still here? You need to go see the movie!