Dear Roxi,

Let me begin this letter by saying ‘WOW’, what an incredible year it was! I have met amazing people and made many new friends. I have learned so much in just a few months, and not to mention, I feel like I’ve climbed a stair on my personal and professional development.

And who would have guessed I’d get to feel like home, in a foreign country, away from my family and friends. But here I am, with a huge ‘book’  full of life-lessons, from ‘how to create an ad’ to ‘how to set your priorities straight’.

I have to say ‘Bravo!’ to you, as you managed to accomplish most of your first letter targets and dreams. You moved from spending your days playing adventure games, to learning how to use new software that will help you in a future career as an advertiser. You took a ‘Effective Communication Skills’ course, as you considered yourself to need some support in that domain, and here you are, today, more confident in your own strength, prepared to face the ‘terrifying’ challenges this world has prepared for you, and willing to get over failure in order to succeed.

So many photographs you gathered during these months, it’s unreal. Memories that will be brought back to life at the perfect time. Every important moment has its picture, as every single event, both positive and negative, has its mark on what you are today.

Moving on the other side of the fence, you finally decided on what you want from the University, what is your target and what do you want to become, and it’s great. At the beginning you were a bit scared and confused, now you know that you can accomplish what ever you want, by working hard. Creative director is the main role you wish to own one day, and I do hope your dream will become reality.

You kept your smile through bad and  good times, and even if the saying ‘If I smile, it doesn’t mean I’m happy’ is true, I believe that it had a major impact on getting you to move forward. Continue to face the future with a smile and hope for the best. 

But still, may I give you an advice? Stop trying to find the good side of everyone that thinks being mean is normal, as you may end up getting hurt and disappointed.

This is my final letter, but don’t consider it as a goodbye, but as a ‘welcome to reality’ and good luck in every step you take. 

Take care and believe in yourself! 

Roxi ❤