It may sound a bit strange, but after looking at some ads done for Diesel, you will get the real meaning of it:)

Diesel is an Italian design company, ‘best known for clothing aimed at the young adult market, particularly jeans’, that came to life in 1978. During its numerous advertising campaigns, it tried to keep the audience interested by coming up with some innovative ideas, and it seems to be working. The number of sales have increased by 55.7% as the official website states, thanks to the “Be stupid” campaign.

You must see beyond the words, meaning the campaign doesn’t support ignorance. It means they want to associate the word ‘stupid’ with the courage to try new things, to live life without regrets, and to overcome society’s limits as in what a normal person should or shouldn’t do.

Diesel Stupid Philosophy

‘Like balloons, we are filled with hopes and dreams. But. Over time a single sentence creeps into our lives. Don’t be stupid. It’s the crusher of possibility. It’s the worlds greatest deflator. The world is full of smart people. Doing all kind of smart things… Thats smart.
Well, we’re with stupid. Stupid is the relentless pursuit of a regret free life. Smart may have the brains…
but stupid has the balls. The smart might recognize things for how they are. The stupid see things for how they could be. Smart critiques. Stupid creates. The fact is if we didnt have stupid thoughts wed have no interesting thoughts at all. Smart may have the plans… but stupid has the stories.
Smart may have the authority but stupid has one hell of a hangover. Its not smart to take risks… Its stupid.
To be stupid is to be brave. The stupid isnt afraid to fail. The stupid know there are worse things than failure… like not even trying.
Smart had one good idea, and that idea was stupid. You can’t outsmart stupid. So don’t even try. Remember only stupid can be truly brilliant.’ ( Source from Diesel )


To be stupid means to be brave! The stupid are the ones that aren’t afraid to fail. The stupid know that there are worse things than failure… like not even trying.

So.. BE STUPID and overcome boundaries and don’t be scared to try new things, because in the end, the world’s most interesting inventions were created by people who were ‘crazy’ enough to be different! 

Roxi ❥