The society is in a continues process of evolution, if I can call it that, and in order to keep up with it, we adapt, we  make sacrifices, we learn how to ‘survive’ and inevitably, WE CHANGE.

Lately I’ve seen so many fashion blogs that made me wonder how many people actually read them, and why. Hundreds, maybe thousands of clothes in shops. Prices that start from only a few pounds, and that reach irrational costs.

What makes the clothes so special? Yes, some designers use diamonds and gold to make them unique, some use strange materials, but in the end, aren’t all of them, cheep or expensive, created for the same purposes? -To cover our bodies? But why limit their ‘abilities’? The clothes work for us. The majority of people use them as a way of making them ‘more interesting’, as it seems that having an amazing personality and brains nowadays isn’t good enough.


Let me ask you: Are we ‘advertising’ ourselves through clothes?

An interesting campaign inspired me to write about clothing and the significance it has in the 21st century. The purpose of the following picture was to make people aware of the problems in India, and to make them consider donating clothes they don’t use any more. They used as a model an Indian girl, wearing the new winter collection, a dress made out of an old cardboard box. The irony is obvious, and the message is clear: While others waste money on buying new clothes every season, month, day, others struggle to survive.

I would tag this campaign as being smartly done and effective, as it definitely impressed me and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Take a look. Draw a conclusion. ACT!

With ❥,