There’s no sun without the rain… But what if the rain is, in fact, an earthquake and a tsunami… What if the sun looks so far away and all you see is fear and sadness?

Many of you may have heard of the tragedy Japan is going through, but for those who haven’t, let me present a short phrase posted by the BBC on their website, an event that devastated not only houses, but hearts:

A major earthquake in Japan has triggered a tsunami on the north-east coast, sweeping away cars, ships and buildings. “The world is reacting with shock at the huge quake and tsunami that has devastated Japan, but people there have learnt to expect natural disasters.”

Until yesterday I wasn’t aware of the proportion of the disaster that shattered Japan, when an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale, and ten-metre waves ravaged the north-east coast, maybe because I thought it doesn’t affect me in any way. Only yesterday I realised that the tragic event, not only killed a lot of people, but woke the entire nation, and it made me think that there were lives involved no matter what, and we should all be concerned. Any country could have been in their place, and that being the case, we would have needed support.

For the past two nights I dream of being stuck in a house, in Japan, in the middle of a calamity, trapped, hurt and scared, not being able to “escape” the forces of nature. No, I’m not going to ramble about my silly dreams, it’s just that it made me think that I should write about what they are going through, in hope of making more people aware, even those that are not directly involved.

I can’t imagine how the Japanese feel, knowing their past and present are covered in black, and that their future is insecure, having no house, even lost their friends and family, but I do want to help somehow, and sometimes, every pound donated counts.

We are a nation! No matter what religion or nationality, or what beliefs define our existence, we’re one family and we should show Japan our support and hope for the best. There are special websites created in order to help raise founds and get clothes and food for the victims. Take a few minutes of your time and get involved, you may save a life!