No, I’m not talking about the quality of the products, or the cameras themselves, but about the advertisements that promote them.

I remember first seeing the ad for Nikon S60- “The Nikon S60 detects up to 12 faces”; I thought that, besides from being really funny, it was quite ingeniously created to underline the main characteristic of that certain camera, and although it sounds a bit exaggerated, the advertising campaign was a win.

You can see below on of them:

As the representatives of Nikon have posted on their official website, their main goal is: “Transforming imagination into creativity.” So who is responsible for those successful advertisements that make the brand world-wide known?

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Charlie Blower
Creative Director: Victor Ng
Art Director: Lee Hsueh Ling
Copywriter: Victor Ng, Stephen Kyriakou
Photographer: Jeremy Wong
Digital Artist/Retouching: Ricky Haryadi
Production Manager: Joel Ng
Account Service Credit: Mark Ho
Client Credit: Jeffrey Low

As the competition is strong, Canon has to come up with something to make their products hard to leave aside.

The campaign to promote the new Canon Power Shot S90, “Statues”, was aimed at tourists, a main reason for which there were famous statues used instead of people, but also to underline the optical stability.

The ones who made it possible:

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+Draft FCB, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Adilson Xavier, Ricardo John, Benjamin Yung Jr
Art Director: Henrique Del Lama
Copywriter: Marcelo Jun Sato
Photography: Shooter Stocky

Nikon has a catchy tag-line that intrigues the consumers to try it, and by the looks of the researches, they did. The ad puts a professional light upon the brand, but it “says” that anyone can use it, and that the hight technology makes it easy to handle.

Canon, as the representatives were saying, is aimed at tourists, people who like to travel and want to have memorable pictures from their journeys, without much effort, as the camera has optical image stabilizer. The images used make me think of power (in connection with the name Power Shot), and fame, because of the imposing, well-known statue.


Feel free to look for more of their ads, and you will  “get a better image” of what the brands are trying to express:)

Take care!