Today was a special day. Stephen Brookes MBE introduced a relative new subject, during a 144MC workshop, of which little did I knew: disabled people in advertising. Let’s be honest, how many of us really thought about it, and how many did actually seen ads that include disabled people? Not many, you will say. That is why Stephen wants to make sure they are heard, him being in the same position.  

In groups of 4, we had to come up with an ad for a shoe store, Clarks, that had to include a disabled person, but not to emphasize on its condition.  Now for the bomb: WE HAD ONLY 2 HOURS TO DO IT!

Mainly we had to demonstrate how a positive portrayal of disability can enhance the Clarks brand.

My group was formed by me, Sarah, Mira and Sime.

Stephen Brookes decided that our ad was the best and it won the prize for the best Clarks Shoe Advertisement Campaign, us receiving certificates and a prize.

Thank you again! It was unexpected, considering the competition, our colleagues’ ads being really good.

See the ad below:

“For every personality we have a …   CLARKS   … size that fits all. “