She isn’t like most of you.

No fancy house. No big dining table with 100 types of food. No Chanel shoes, or diamond necklaces.No happy family.

While you were playing with dolls and crying you want a pet, her entire childhood felt apart under the numerous rapes she endured. Now you close your eyes and dream of the perfect Dior dress that would make people envy you. She dreams of having a life. You go out with your friends and complain about the music in a club. She has no friends. For your Birthday your mother gives you the car you were asking for. She receives “gifts” from her family, everyday: she is being punched and kicked at every step she takes, brutalised and raped.

While you are thinking of skipping school, she didn’t even had the choice of learning how to write and read.

Her name is Precious, and her life is a tough lesson for people around the world. Before judging a person, think again. STOP complaining that your life isn’t good enough and do something about it!

Who am I to tell you all these things? I’m no better, but the story behind this film, “Precious”,  is impressive and deserves to be known. There are many girls out there in Precious’ situation that need a bit of sunshine in their heart, but they have no one to help them. I wish someday we will all realise how fragile life is, and how we should appreciate what we have.

In hope of you watching the film, I have nothing more to say than -Be grateful for the simple things, because someday you could wake up missing them.