It’s been a strange 2010, with so many random events that smashed my brain into pieces, and in the same time, that managed to bring sunshine in my heart. I got lost in the clouds, held the sun in my hands and crashed into a sea of  people full of hate and darkness. I’ve learned that no one is perfect, that making mistakes is not a crime, and that I have to forgive in order to be forgiven. I realised I have so many imperfections and bad habits (+less chocolate).

Dear 2011,

We will meet tomorrow. Will you want to see me smile? So many questions that need to be answered and I have the feeling you will only confuse me…

I was thinking that I have to do my part of the deal and write down a few “To do” things:

-be punctual (punctuality was never my strength, but I will change that!)

-stop doing 1000 things in the same time, because you will end up messing all up

-do your tasks on time!

-learn to say NO (otherwise some people will take you for granted)

-be calm when it comes to dealing with difficult situations

-never forget that the ones that deserve your whole attention are probably the ones that you forget.

-give your best at school (the effort will pay off, I promise)

-thank your mom and grandma everyday for what they are doing for you! You don’t want to wake up one day and realise they are gone, and have regrets for not saying the right words at the right time.

-don’t buy things you don’t need!

-save money for your b-day (go somewhere you never been before)

-say what you really mean, not what you know people expect you to say!

-keep your butterflies and the “lost” mood you’re into almost all the time

-‘I can’t decide on what to choose’…  well in 2011 things will change! You will take decisions and not waste half of the day thinking of it!

And the list goes on, but there is no time, as tomorrow is, in fact, next year:D

So I hope everything will work out for me and for all of you out there, and that 2011 will be kind enough to make our 00:00 wish come true!

PS: It really works!

Have a Happy New Year and big hugs!

Goodbye my beloved 2010,                                                                                                                                                                                            Welcome, unpredictable 2011!

With ♥,