Surprise surprise!

Our weekly task was different from the rest we had, it was more interactive, a combination of fun and work.

All the D groups had to meet and come up with 10 ideas for a lip dub subsequent developed video which had to be done in 72 hours. So each group had to have an original idea which could be linked to the others’ ideas.

We all found one to suit, after changing it 5x. Then came the confusing part: the song. We had to find one copyright-free, to correspond with our scenes and to be jolly and inspire positive feelings. And, YES, found the perfect song: Conroy – “I think I love you”. It had to be modified in order to fit, and after all the preparations were done, we did a test on how everything goes, then we started recording.

After a few attempts of doing it right, and after a few interruptions (the filming took place in Ellen Terry, and there were students wandering around hihi), and a few mistakes (which helped us understand how it should be done) we managed to film it as a continuous scene!

We had some laughs and I got to meet new people and develop my communication and team work skills.

Some pictures we took during the 72 hours:

All in all, it was an exciting experience, challenging my imagination and I could see, this way, how would I manage, with a deadline, to solve a task.

Coventry University, LipDub 2010 -Group D-