Hello everyone,

I must admit I enjoyed every moment working on our weekly task-genre, giving me the opportunity to explore new subjects and overcome boundaries.

The making of the Cleaning Product ad was my favourite, as I am studying Advertising and Media at the moment, and the transformation the 3D Animation Movie “Finding Nemo” suffered, made me think more about how people choose to watch a movie according to its genre.

For example, I love Psychological Dramas and I know that the movie I will watch will have certain characteristics, according to its type, and a certain structure. I didn’t think of this before, but thanks to this task I have learned something important. You can’t change the basic elements of a genre without changing the whole meaning, or without having reactions from the audience. Watching a psychological Drama, such as “Secret Window”, I wouldn’t really know what to expect, or how the ending would be. I only know it must have dramatic changes during the whole movie, with an unexpected ending and lots of mind-blowing scenes.

What if the movie I was expected to see would turn into a romantic comedy? I would be more that disappointed, that’s for sure! I know what to expect from that sort of story and receiving something else is not what I have in mind.

The same thing applies to songs, as I listen to almost every genre, but wanting to listen to a reggae track  and hearing, instead of that a mixture of rock and pop wouldn’t be satisfying, having nothing to do with that chill, perfect for the weekend-music.

Let’s consider the Animation “Finding Nemo“, the change we made, and the turn it takes, totally unexpected due to its type, becoming, from a kids cartoon, a violent movie probably not suitable for everyone, the happy ending being replaced with a tragic one, Nemo becoming the bad character. I, for one, wouldn’t like to go to the cinema and find out that the funny animation I was expecting to see, isn’t funny at all, maybe disturbing.

[…] After escaping from the tank and getting back into the sea, Nemo finds himself enjoying the adventure to the point of becoming a “pirate” and thinks of a way to take over the mainland. He will gather some of the most unworthy animals he can find and he will build weapons in order to exterminate the human race. In the meantime finds new ways to breath. Due to his ingenious plans, he wins all the fights and becomes one of the most feared creature and ends up having the human under his complete control for eternity. (Finding Nemo -our version)
The “X Cleaning Spray” ad was another “playing God” transformation, changing the traditional cleaning commercial, destroying the obedient woman cleaning the kitchen myth. I wanted to do something different, that would amaze the audience, make them think about how they expect that ad to be and how it turned out.

The ad begins with a dirty kitchen. The father and his 10 year-old son just finished their first cooked meal, which was a disaster, when the mother walks in to find the mess. The two boys put on a huge smile, and run outside to play football leaving on the table a bottle of X Cleaning Spray and the still-amazed mom. The camera moves to the front yard scene, where the little boy and his dad were playing football. 3 seconds later you see a pot flying out the kitchen window right on dad’s head and the mom saying with a superior smile: “It seems that the X Cleaning Spray works on its own!”.

Seeing our ad on TV probably won’t make me buy the product, because it doesn’t show its efficiency. But I love the idea as a whole, of the woman standing up for her rights, saying NO to her husband’s expectations. It makes changes in the genre, having, in the end, not even a prove that the product works (maybe a clean kitchen?).

As a conclusion to the “genre” lecture, I think that we shouldn’t play with it (or people’s mind for a fact), because that would change the whole meaning of that piece of media, confusing the audience and probably disappointing them.

Hope you enjoyed,