I was foolish enough to think that I could change my life without any consequences, without feeling any regrets, without missing anyone and anything, because I thought I am strong enough to do it without looking back. Well.. I am looking back! Now I admit it and I’m not ashamed to shout it out: I do miss home!

Such a surprise for me, considering my enthusiasm when I’ve heard the big news “You have been accepted at Coventry Uni!”. I was ready to leave it all behind, no tears nor second thoughts. I embraced the future with a huge smile. My family and friends were acting as if I’m going to fight in the war, crying and feeling sorry for me.Couldn’t understand why.

I got here and nothing, not missing a thing. In the last 2 months I even thought of not going home for Christmas, and cancel my flight. Thank God I didn’t!

After 2 months of ignorance and complete darkness I got to the bottom of the sack. I kept hearing people complaining about missing their family and friends, and I was glad I’m not one of them. Until TODAY! I used to “feed” myself every morning with the illusion of “everything is going perfect”. But not today! You may laugh but I’ve seen some videos of me and my dog, and that was it. I know there are people who miss me but I’m sure my Scooby does too.

Now I can admit I miss those who used to make my days brighter… I miss the smell of food made by my lovely grandma’, the big eyes my doggy used to make when I walked out the door, my mom’s noisy laugh… and all those  good times spent with my friends and relatives.

I WILL go home for Christmas! And I will make sure I will capture every beautiful moment in my heart, to keep me going the whole year!

Yours “childish”,