Hey guys,

At today’s seminar we talked more about the active audience, and whether we are able to choose how the media influences us or we just accept the message as it comes. After a small “debate” we all agreed that we don’t have complete freedom, and that we are vulnerable when it comes to facing the big bad “M” without realising it.

The question that follows is: can the “Fast foods and animal rights” item from my Cabinet of Curiosities, influence the mind of the vulnerable audience?

As I am thinking of the chosen item, the first thing that comes in mind is the horrible video with the slaughtered animals. That, for sure, can have a huge impact on people, no matter if they actually eat from fast foods or they just care for the fate of the animals. So, my answer would be YES, the subject can influence the way people look upon those “innocent” french fries with a delicious burger, appealing to their feelings.

The purpose of choosing it for my Cabinet was, from the beginning, to shock people and make them acknowledge the pain the poor creatures go through. I wish they would stop for just a second and think about it, and then ask themselves if it’s worth the agony. Through the pictures and videos I wanted to make it clear that only THEM have the power to save the animals by protesting against animal cruelty but also by changing their habits (stop eating at fast foods).

Returning to the basic question, are people influenced by my Cabinet of Curiosities’ item, I will like to resort to a friend’s quote when first reading the post:

“I feel disgusted and shocked! How could they do that? I will probably avoid fast foods for a while. “

Even though he probably ate from a fast food after a few days, the impact was the one I wanted. He started thinking of the terrible situation as a “must do something to protest”. The audience needs to feel that by doing a certain action they are in control, they change the course of how the story goes. My friend did so by not digging fast foods for a while, insignificant at a first glance, but very important to the media society, meaning they achieved their goal of making an impact, even a small one.

And YES, media does have a real influence on the vulnerable audience! Some don’t admit it, trying to look strong, some don’t realise it by now that they are under the “power” of it, and the last group that remains is the group that goes with the flow, not fighting anymore against its persuasion.

Take care! đŸ™‚