Since the beginning of time, people had dreams. Most of those sweet dreams ended up in collections, may those be shells or butterflies, symbolising eternity and freedom, or pictures and toys that stand up for those never-ending teenage love stories. Those cabinets can be full of warmness and love, or they may shout out for help, hiding a sad, overwhelming tragedy.

I, for one, am not different from them, having my own little secrets that don’t let me forget who I am and in what I believe, reminding me that I do have dreams to fulfil and problems to solve.

A first thing that you will find in my Cabinet of curiosities is about how you end up with that perfect fast food meal on your table and the hell that animals go through to get on your plate. I have seen many awful videos with animals being tortured before the actual killing, and, as an animal protector, I wanted to share the story with as many people possible, in hope of reactions against those heartless persons. But does my opinion really count? Will those slaughters stop? I do believe in change and I keep a positive attitude hoping for the best.

Following the first subject that represents my “fight” against injustice and cruelty, comes a theme that, as I later found out, is not that known among british people, “pressopuncture”. This form of therapy can heal diseases without using any sort of pills, being, as you may guess, a type of massage. To be honest, if people were to choose between pills and another form of treatment they would go for the first one, because the media got them thinking that it’s the easiest and fastest way to get rid of the pain. Let me just say this: that can NOT be called treating! You just mess with your brain  by using pills and after 20 years you wonder why do you have liver problems or why do you forget things. Our ancestors did not have drugs but only natural solutions, and they survived! Why wouldn’t we?

The last, but not least… Handmade jewelry! I encouraged people to make their own jewelry instead of buying them. Why choose a plastic homemade ring when you can have a diamond one? Simple! All the beautiful moments and ideas that end up as a perfect ring modeled by your own hands will be worth a thousand diamond rings. It’s the ideal way of setting free your imagination and relaxing in the same time. I dare you to try it! You will enjoy every second of it!

As a conclusion to my Cabinet of Curiosities, I would like to thank you for taking your time and reading it, and I do hope that some of the things that you came across will eventually help you.

Gather all your dreams and keep them in your secret box, take one every time you feel like backing down and make it real! Remember what are you fighting for and that EVERY little dream is important!

Take care,