Street art is, in my opinion, that form of art that triggers emotions, that shouts for attention, that has a powerful message. You will find it not only on the streets but in everything that has something to say!

I connected one of my recent drawings to some key points from our Street manifesto. I have chosen the following:

1. We will question everything.

2. We will be spontaneous with our actions, with no regrets, or fear of any repercussions.

3.Emotions and feelings are expressed in an unconventional way to create a message.

4. Informality expresses the creative side which pokes fun at ways to tackle issues.

The draw combines the unconventional way in which emotions are expressed, the unexpected, creativity that may come in all forms, spontaneously, all of these contributing in revealing the other side of the human nature.

The draw wants to represent the way people are ment to follow the rules, not questioning anything,  not using their brain when needed. I used the chicken to stand for those who are, either to indifferent to care for all the bad or unfair things that happen around, or for those who do not realize yet that they have to get out their shelter and start asking questions!

I found myself in the situation of obeying rules that were not ment to help or protect people, that were used only for financial purposes.

Open your eyes! Learn to stand out for what you believe and stop following the flock! Think for yourself and be spontaneous in everything you do!

Roxi ★