Terror behind the big cheerful smiles?

Amazing picture! It inspires so much power and in the same time it gives me the feeling of helplessness. I must say that when I first saw this piece of art I was shocked. I was just a child and I couldn’t understand why the girl was naked and why those characters are holding her.
The picture not only does it mix child nudity with fictional characters, the two being recognized by the majority of people (Mickey Mouse and R. McDonald), but it also tries to point out, in an ironic way, how the Americans are treating the Vietnamese people. The second picture helps you understand the context- the horrible attack of the American troops on Vietnam. In the first picture, the soldiers are replaced by the American symbols.

Another interesting fact is, how the girl’s face is ironically modified so that it gives you the impression she’s smiling, although in those circumstances she must have been terrified. The author of the picture has combined a multitude of elements that result into a protest against the American attack, trying to draw attention over a serious matter.

Roxi ★