Step right up ladies and gentlemen, because it’s time to leave our indifference at home and make a change! I’m not talking about clothes, I’m talking about our life!

You may call my cabinet of curiosities a joke, some may call it a soup for having different subjects that at a first sight don’t relate. Well… they’re not supposed too!

For some of you it won’t be nice, having to shut down their computers, or it might be too cheesy, but for me, the things below say something about how I am. For example, I don’t like fast foods in general (sorry all you fast-food fans), but after hearing the stories behind them, I was shocked (being an animal lover as well). The same thing with pressopuncture, I like finding a more natural way of treating health problems, instead of abusing drugs. In the end, I’ve chosen handmade jewelry because I consider the making of them to be an art, an accessible hobby that anyone can practice and a great way of putting into use your imagination.

Let the “show” begin!

Fast foods and animal rights

The luring smell of french fries and Big Mac that goes perfectly with Coke… Doesn’t it sound great?

But how great does the making of the burgers sound? The silent suffering of the animals who know their fate, the screaming of the poor things that don’t stand a change against man’s cruelty. Not great at all!

How many of us haven’t heard the dreadful stories behind the making of those “delicious” burgers, in well-known restaurants, such as McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King?

They “gently” prepare them for the ride of their life, making sure the animals have a first-class ticket to Horror Land!

I have seen the video PeTA made and it’s horrible, and I don’t recommend it to those with a weak heart. I posted the link here, so that you can judge for yourself if it’s worth the pain the animals go through for you to have a “Happy meal”:

The video above is only one of many other proofs that incriminate the huge fast food chains, but do they really care? After numberous protests and trials against animal cruelty, many fast food owners found a way to prove that they are making a change and that the animals will not suffer during the whole process. An example is Mc.Donald’s who, after being repentantly summoned to stop the killing, has launched the first campaign of its kind to pressure slaughterhouses that provide their meat to dispatch the animals more humanely. Is it real or is it just a campaign to regain their credibility? Burger king, KFC and other small fast food companies did the same thing.

Must I ask again: Have you heard the sound of the animals in pain? But most important, how many of us heard it and continue to be indifferent, like nothing ever happened?

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Alternative medicine


Pressopuncture – “the practitioner works very much along the energetic lines, by pressing certain areas with the help of the fingers; moreover, he uses points corresponding to those known in the occidental medicine as “trigger points”, specific points where tensions are accumulated thus affecting muscles, articulations or organs of the body”

That is how specialists define pressopuncture. You don’t need special instruments, the technique can easily be learned and practiced, that’s why China and Japan are known to use it in treating people, giving up on medicines, which sometimes prove useless. 

Used to treat more than 100 diseases, pressopuncture turned out to be a real bless for me. I first heard of it when I was 12, my mother had problems with her back and when the medical treatment couldn’t help her, she resorted to pressopuncture. From there on she never needed any drug.

That, I must say, triggered my interest for pressopuncture. I was a kid who used to get sick a lot and all those toxins doctors call “medicine” didn’t helped, more than that, caused me many other problems.

So I’ve searched the internet, books and asked specialists in the domain, and it turns out that this controversal method of treatment is wide-known and effective.

You can see some examples of things that can be treated with pressopuncture:

Handmade jewelry

I just love handmade jewelry! You can have EVERY possible thing you can think of hanging around your neck (small-sized, unless you can carry a normal size sheep haha).

And for a small history intro: The first signs of jewellery came from the people in Africa who used perforated beads made from snail shells (dating to 75,000 years ago).

The art of making jewelry has evolved since then, and we have all sort of models and a variety of materials to use. All we have to do is start making them! Although you may be disposed to buy a diamond ring, think about how many ideas you can put into the one crafted with your own hands.

Making your own jewelry may take a while but the feeling in the end is worth 1000 diamond necklaces. You can use any material you want, depending on your preferences (paper, wood, plastic, fimo etc.)

Nowadays media has different ways to attract the customer into buying already-made jewelry, leaving the creation part to the specialists. Where is the charm? Do it yourself!

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