Guess what? Home alone! When I woke up this morning I realised there was no one home and that I had nothing to eat! So I’ve spent my entire morning cooking and wishing I had a maid. Then, the cleaning madness began: I bought a new cleaning spray (Mr. Muscle) for the kitchen and ended up cleaning the whole house.  Turned on my computer (Acer) and set the music “loose”, so that the place wouldn’t feel so empty. Checked my e-mail (Gmail), chatted with my friends for 30 minutes (Yahoo), and started reading this new book I borrowed (“Advertising as communication”).

The day went on smoothly, with nothing much to do, some laughs and a movie to end my day in harmony: “The Shining”.

PS: I haven’t used my phone in a while!! And that IS strange. May it be because I need a top-up or because I use other ways to communicate with people? Either way I feel relieved, not having to hear it ring all the time or carry it with me everywhere.

As a conclusion to the three-days media diary, I can say that I’ve learned some things about myself by analysing what type of media affects me and not only about me, I’ve also catched some tips on how media “attacks”. Until now I haven’t really counted the number of times I interacted with it, or how does it interfere in my life, but I admit I was surprised to realize that I ALMOST shaved my head because of an ad! I am sure that if I were to have seen the ad, lets say 10 years ago I wouldn’t have thought about it, because it would have been less swaying and the power of persuasion would have been lower. On the contrary, if I see the same ad over 10 years, updated, I would be in need of a hat.

Past media has its charm and taste but compared to the present one it’s less powerful, with a vague objective. If I were to imagine how the future media would look like (over 50 years let’s say), I would describe it as more personal, more interactive, vulgarly direct as in no more hidden messages, it’s all going to be outspoken.

TV’s gonna be replaced by high-tech minicomputers easy to use and carry or by super mobile phones (as if this isn’t happening already). People will have more options when it comes to chosing, and advertisers will have to renew their scheme daily to keep up with the requirements, because people change and I’m not talking about how much they use media, but HOW they are using it.It will create, in my opinion, a huge confusion on both sides. As Clary Shirky from US Now said: “A revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new tools, it happens when society adopts new behaviors”.

I hope I didn’t bored anyone with my media diary (or killed)!