Another day, another silly little dog wearing a funny costume. Saw him on my way to buy milk (Freshnlo). What’s with all those dogs?  Do people actually feel more confident when it comes to shopping, if they see a friendly dog wearing mens’ clothing? Wandered the city again, in search of an adaptor and some notebooks, and during my “quest” I came across an interesting small-clothes shop: the shopman asked me if I study at Coventry University and then he offered me a discount on any product. There was no sign of that on the door! After, I went to the library and borrowed some books – Advertising.

I took the bus home, being quite tired. Naked guy! No, I’m not talking about a real guy, I’m talking about an ad. A picture of a naked guy behind a ticket bus. Not really sure what was that about but it sure was freaky.

Passed the old pub near my house.The same happy sign was letting people know that they give two pints of beer at the price of one. Home at last… The old mailbox had a few flyers for me, something about a new restaurant and some parties going on this weekend.  The radio was on, “Fresh air”…  it hit me just like a fresh breeze of air on a sunny beach. Needed a change, so I’ve cut my hair.

Cooked some noodles (got 6 at the price of £1), and then made a chocolate cake (I’ve seen in the supermarket a HUGE chocolate cake and it gave me an appetite). And then, after playing Worms with my roommates, we watched “The Shawshank Redemption”- excellent movie. I must remember to call my mom tomorrow.

All in all, it’s interesting how, by  having a media diary I find it easier to analyze with what type of media I interact more and against which I have some sort of restraint. For example, I found out that a special radio post can determine me to make a change, like cutting my hair. And, on the contrary, the naked guy ad was quite gross, besides the fact that I still don’t have a clue what was it about. The movie made me think about my mom, and how I miss her advises and her kind critiques.

Dear media diary, thank you for helping me keep up with all the craziness around haha!