Dear Roxi,

The long summer ended and along with it must you end all the childish ideas and start acting as a responsible teenager! Wasting time playing Nancy Drew games won’t help (unless you want to become a super- detective haha).

Start by working on your communication skills, and try to overcome your shyness. People usually don’t bite, yes, I said “usually” because some may be mean and may not care as much as you want them to. Be stronger than ever and prove yourself worthy of the place you’ve earned at Coventry Uni!

If you feel unsecure and not prepared for all the “missions” you will have to complete, remember this wise saying: if 9 out of 10 things you do go wrong, it means you’ll have to work 10x harder in order to succeed! Have more confidence in your strength and NEVER let anyone tell you you’re not good enough!

Another important thing: do what you have to do TODAY, because tomorrow you will surely be too busy to do it.

Keep calm in stressful situations because you will finally manage to pull it through (like you always do), and try to be more independent, stop looking for approval, because THEY may not always know what’s best for you! Start taking photographs again (if not, you may lose precious memories)!

Learn how to make a GREAT advert and work in an advertising agency!

To end my little letter, I would like you to promise me that you will NEVER stop smiling! It makes you happy and it might help people see the greener side of the world.

Take care and BE HAPPY!

With ♥,