Waked up at 1 PM. I barely got out of bed and this song, Southern Girl from Incubus kissed my ears. Great start for a sunny morning.  The long  kiwi shower that followed revitalized me from head to toes. So this new shower gel from Palmolive was actually worth the money. I had a quick “breakfast”, the yellow plastic bag from the bread keeping me hypnotized all this time. Had to go to the bank and then went to visit a friend’s house. I lost track of time with every store I passed by, each and every one  tempting me with cute colored circles, which I like to call happy prices. Got a lot of flyers but haven’t paid attention to any on them. Walking home, this strange advert of a dog with pink hair catched my eyes and immediately thought of one of my friends who used to dye his hair pink. “Should I dye my hair as well?” I kept asking myself. Still confused on how I connected that advert with me. So I got home, ate while watching TV, watched South Park for almost 1 hour and then booked a plain ticket so that I could spend Christmas with my parents (Lufthansa seems to have available tickets even in that busy period). The internet was imitating a snail again!

It’s 11PM already. After having my fourth cup of Westcliff mint tea, and my daily dose of happiness (Twix chocolate bars) I can put an end to this day!

PS: Those ten minutes in front of the TV while eating acted as a trigger, reminding me that last week I saw a nice perfume in the store, but which was too expensive to buy. It kinda made me sad, but I know I don’t really need a new one, and my life won’t depend on it.

Until today I haven’t really paid attention to all the MEDIA surrounding me, but I found out that it DOES affect me without even knowing it! I come across it with every step I take, home or while walking my dog, in a shop or in my own kitchen.