‘I wish’ – Today’s dreams


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I-wish-I-had-a-riverI wish I could go to Australia.

I want to see Madonna perform live.

I wish I had a house by the beach.

I wish I could Walk on the Moon.

Everyone has wishes – dreams to fulfill. The problem is we’ve got so many dreams and just a few pounds… We’ve got all the time in the world right now, we’re full of hopes and desires but that’s not enough to get us what we want.

We end up working 10 more years in order to afford that great holiday. And when we finally reach that point we realize that we grew out of it. Suddenly we don’t like traveling adventures anymore, or planes for that matter. Only the thought of packing makes us sick. And who the hell listens to Madonna anymore? Clearly not the 40 year-old me who at that time will probably watch the singer’s funeral on TV. And going on the Moon? I never wanted ¬†that… Did I?

So we work hard half of our lives just so we can afford something that we won’t like when we’re older… Dreams are meant to motivate us, get us through the working week/month/year. But in the end we just lie to our naive selves. We need things done NOW! Not in 20 years when we’ll have a family of our own and will be too busy teaching our kids how to ride a bike, or when we’ll be attending 50 business meeting per week. People change or at least their habits. We’ll forget about our dreams that got us out of bed every morning. And it’s not our fault, the world we live in doesn’t have time for “silly” things like that. ‘Be part of the working class, and contribute to the economy of your country, get married and have kids who you’ll raise to dream big, of becoming astronauts and singers- kids as innocent as you who believed that they’ll follow through their wishes.

Solutions? Play the lottery and hope for a miracle, buy a plane ticket and enjoy your life. But it doesn’t work like that… In the meantime, you have to realize that life is twisted and short – why waste it? Smile a lot, stress less because nothing matters as much as you think it does. Dream small but make it happen, for the present you ūüôā


Have a nice weekend!


Power – Reuniting the Past and the Present – 305MC

‚ÄúPower is not an institution, and not a structure; neither is it a certain strength we are¬†endowed with; it is the name that one attributes to a complex strategical situation in a¬†particular society.‚ÄĚ
(Michel Foucault)

This is a strong subject, deeper than it seem, at least this is how I see it. The power of the past, the power of holding on, the connection between the old and the new, and the influences it has on the modern society…

As part of my summer task, I had to visit a museum or an art gallery that stands for the past/memory. Although it’s my thousand time I visit the museum I will talk about in a bit, I’ve decided I’ll give it another go before returning to the UK, as I consider it representative for the topic.

The ASTRA National Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization (aka The Open Air Museum), is the most important ethno-museum institution in Romania, located outside Sibiu city, spread across a 96 ha area. *Read more at link *

This museum is one of my favorites so far, as it’s so well structured and preserved, with a wide range of historical tools and buildings over a century old, and it’s that special place that makes me feel welcome every time I visit it.

Don’t know where to begin to discuss about this amazing place… Do you know that feeling when you visit your grandma or a close¬†relative/ friend, that warm feeling of¬†belonging?

Well, the Open Air Museum is part of my history, and I feel extremely close to it.

Analyzing my feelings , I associate the museum and the small old houses with my grand-grandmother who used to live outside the city, a place whom I used to consider paradise, surrounded by forests and rivers.

Going inside all the houses, seeing how people used to live, thinking of the previous generations and about how the world evolved is a unique experience, a must!!!! It makes me appreciate the small things I have. Seeing how the organizers decorated the place in a certain way, one that gives the viewer an insight of how people used to live hundreds of years ago. The fact that the museum hosts workshops, handicraft¬†trainings¬†and so on, involves the audience directly. It shows us that life wasn’t easy before all this modern technology, and that they had to work hard in order to get something that we, nowadays, take for granted.

The difference between my ‘memory’ of the way people used to live back then, and the way the museum represents it… well I’m overpowered! I wouldn’t be able to see the whole picture, as I didn’t live in that time, and I would miss out on the important details. My memories are influenced by the stories my grandmother used to tell me when I was a kid, on how the houses used to look, and how “people didn’t have all the pretty things we have today”. My memories are too subjective, influenced by feelings, disturbed by time, and limited by knowledge.

The Open Air Museum’s creators, by organizing everything into small houses, and by recreating an actual village, gives us a wider image of the past. I’d say they broke a time¬†boundary- they reunited the past with the present. The power they express through the artwork re-created is impressive; the energy, hope, and simplicity can be felt in the air once you walk through the big wooden gates of The Open Air Museum Sibiu…

Memory: Christmas Bells (305MC)

“Memory can’t be stored, ready for retrieval like images on a videotape [‚Ķ] memory
is fallible, dependent on mood and circumstance, and subject to distortion.”
(Margaret Murphy)

The words keep repeating in my head. Before introducing you to my “object”, I would like to explain my own perspective on this quote, not because I want to contradict¬†Margaret Murphy, on the contrary, because I couldn’t agree more with her statement.

First of all, memories can be triggered by different factors, silly, as some would say: that fresh breeze of air in the morning that reminds you of your countryside trip 3 years ago, or the way you a friend holding his tea cup that makes you think of your grandma, that song on the radio that brings back sad memories… Some memories are craved deep into our heart, and even the smallest gestures can make them ‘explode’. In one way, I guess this is exactly how some adverts work: they try to reach you by ‘calling’ your emotions.

Without wasting your time, I’d like to introduce you to my object, a piece of my past that brings a big smile on my face, but also tears into my eyes: a pair of Christmas Bells.¬†

I still remember the day my mom brought home these golden Christmas bells, 9 years ago… It was heavenly snowing and all the houses were covered in a white fluffy blanked.

Like every year, 2 days before Christmas, we used to bake cakes, cook our traditional food (http://traditionsacrosseurope.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/cabbage-rolls.jpg) and  decorate the house. The part where I contributed the most was, (and still is), helping with the decorations. I remember how excited I was for the new ornaments, especially for the bells, as I thought they were special because they made a sweet, calming sound that went perfectly with the atmosphere in the house, and their golden colour made me think of the sun, although outside the clouds were dancing in the sky.

I’ve put them ALMOST on top of the Christmas tree (I was quite short haha), as I wanted to show my mom and grandma that MY decoration is the prettiest and deserves to be higher than the rest.¬†On Christmas morning we had our breakfast together, and I brought the bells with me, put them on the table next to the food, and started singing of excitement because ‘Santa’ got me a new pair of jeans that I wanted.

These Christmas bells don’t bring back only good memories with cinnamon flavor¬†or only flashbacks of lovely faces. Sadly, they also have a bad memory attached to them. A year after, 3 days before Christmas, my dog died. I stopped using these Christmas bells for a few years, as I’m superstitious, but I have them with me in the UK because they do have a meaning, and no matter what, they’ll remind me of home and our Christmas traditions.

I would have loved for you to listen to a recording of my mom talking about the ornament, but she can’t speak English so I’ll be her translator. My mom recalls the day she bought the bells, and the excitement in the house. The bells remind her of me, of how happy I was when Christmas came. For her, the bells stand for family, for her child, and for celebration. Compared to the memories I get when I look the ornament, it seems that they don’t bring back memories of my dog, unlike me. She thinks of the happy times, the big snow outside and the flashing lights at the window.

All in all, the Christmas bells are part of my past, bringing me a sense of¬†peacefulness, a sense of belonging. They do ‘play’ with my mood, because of the emotional luggage they carry, the images I get every time I look at them, and the analysis I do upon my life. One thing is for sure, the Christmas bells haven’t stopped collecting memories, as neither have I. With every year that goes by, they’ll embrace new feelings, and they’ll capture images, images that will be “photoshoped” by Mr. Time (as I’m pretty sure I won’t remember all the details right). I guess in one way, the bells are like ME…

Roxi Albescu


Here I am, after 20 days of working for Seven…

I feel a bit sad, as it’s over, but also content that I had the¬†opportunity¬†to work with great people, from whom I’ve learned a lot.

I’ll miss waking up in the morning just to see the main room of the club waiting for us to start working. I’ll miss Rob’s loud laughs, Johnny’s perfect hair no matter how bad it rains outside, Sam’s organised ‘To do’ list, John’s funny hand dance, and Kev’s big smile. I probably sound cheesy, and you’ll make fun of me, but I did end up having a great time here, and I’m glad I had the chance to work with these amazing people.

How the day go:

I’ve spent my day talking to the guys about our previous events, our fun and stressful days, about how I managed to make them laugh so many times, and how I annoyed Sam a few days ago, when I dropped a penny on his head..

I felt like I was part of something big, something important, I felt like I made a contribution, even if there were times when I felt like they my ideas weren’t considered good enough.

I’ve learned that there is no ‘I’ in ‘US’, and that I need to think of the whole club not only myself. I’ve learned that I need to accept the fact that sometimes my ideas aren’t as good as I thought, and that rejection is an option. I’ve been working with a team of people who know how to run a business, and who know that everything needs to be in order, fact that influenced me a lot, without even realising it. I’m more organised, and more careful with details. I’ve also learned that making mistakes is human, and that¬†admitting and starting again is acceptable.

I feel more confident in my ideas, and in what I can achieve if I put my mind to it. I’ve met a lot of new interested people, not only while flyering or in shops, but people who work with Seven. I like to call them ‘the ones who live undercover’. You never see them, but you know that they have a big impact on how things function, and how the club runs as a business.

Kev is the owner of Seven. He’s the man who keeps everything together. A great example of how, by doing things by the book helps you achieve popularity, gets your team to look up to you, and keeps your business in the top.

Sam is one of those people you need to meet at least once, and have a chat. He’s great at motivating everyone around him, he’s really organised and know exactly what he wants to achieve. He’s helped me a lot, and¬†advised¬†me when it came to making decisions.

I will keep in touch with everyone, as I’ll still be administrating the ‘Free Queue jump for Students @Seven’ Facebook page, and I’m looking forward to their next events.

I know now, that after taking both a traditional placement at Seven, and and doing Freelancing, I can work in a team, as efficient as I would, on my own. Big plans ahead, and bright thoughts.

Have a great day!

Roxi Albescu

Day 19- Seven goes BADABOOM !

Tonight is the night. The ‘BadaBOOM’ night of course.

With what should I start? I might as well tell you that today was one of the busiest days, almost as busy as the ‘Bondax’ one…

Early start. Big plans ahead. Loooooong day…

I’ve been posting updates about the event, on Facebook, all day. I haven’t had much luck with the Queue Jump list, but I kept on trying. I’ve posted a link to the event on most of my friends’ wall, to create awareness, and promote Seven.

Again, I had to help with decorating the place, planning the small details, making sure that everyone on the ‘Attending’ list will be here tonight, and helping Johnny Rickard to select the best photos for one of the project he’s doing for Seven.

Roxi Albescu